Custom Boots

Superior craftmanship from master bootmakers.

As a child, Chris Liggett dreamed of being a cowboy—a tall order for a boy growing up in the heart of Houston. Though he soon realized that this dream wasn’t very practical, his love of cowboy boots never wavered. In 2000, Chris got his first job out of high school working as an apprentice at Tejas Custom Boots. Sixteen years later, Chris bought the company, ensuring that Tejas Custom Boots would still be making one-of-a-kind boots for generations to come.

Though much has changed over the years, the staff and high-quality craftsmanship have kept clients coming back for decades. Over its history, Tejas Custom Boots has outfitted business professionals, oilfield workers, professional athletes, and foreign dignitaries, as well as a few of our own presidents and governors.

We create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pairs of boots with unparalleled fit, custom-made for you and you alone. Every pair of our custom boots is meticulously made by master bootmakers to your exact specifications.

Choose from a wide range of materials, such as high-end leather or exotic skins sourced from animals that have naturally expired. Our alligator skins are harvested right here in Texas, because we strive to support our local economy whenever possible. Hunters may also bring in their own hides.

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