Custom Boots

Nothing but the finest materials.

The difference between us and many other bootmakers is that we harvest our skins responsibly.  What does this mean?  Yes, while we do use the skins of animals that are essentially, endangered (hippo, elephant) our skins from these species are taken from the animal after they have naturally expired, in a more responsible manner, rather from being hunted out in the wild. And we harvest our own alligator skins right here in the great state of Texas, because we are firm believers in keeping the economy alive and well right here in our own back yard.

Every pair is meticulously made to fit you and only you by our master bootmakers, but the difference between a pair of Tejas Custom Boots and all the others major custom brands is that you’re getting a hand crafted, amazing one of kind boot a fraction of the price made in a fraction of the time.

Tejas Boots